3 Ways To Find My Happy Place

Updated: Feb 22

We all deserve to find our Happy Place.

Sometimes, life gets us down in a funk and we would rather not stay there. Sometimes we need just a little help to get on our way to being whole again, to being happy again.

I created a 3-Candle Set available in our shop that will help. It is titled: Finding My Happy Place! It gives us 3 simple steps to achieve our goal.

Step 1: RELAX and let your stress melt away with Lavender Fields, a well known and best fragrance for relaxation. Relaxation is key. Practice meditation, journaling, music therapy, walking, exercise, intimacy, movies, and more. Do things that take your mind off your problems without causing a problem of their own. This way, you can begin to relax and be at peace again.

Step 2: RECHARGE with Lemongrass, a beautiful citrus boost that will uplift you. You may be more worn out that you know. You may have physical or emotional fatigue that needs to be resolve. So take some time to rest your body, eat healthy to heal your body, rehydrate with good old water, speak to a friend or therapist about your feelings, write in a journal, accept what is for with it is and move forward anyway. And watch your spark return.

Step 3: RECONNECT with Mahogany Teakwood, a warm, woody, and sweet fragrance that grounds you and reconnects you to your center and your community. We humans are social creatures, we don't seem to be able do survive and fully thrive without having a supportive community around us. So, connect with some like minded loving folks and let them love on you and you love on them. Also, remember that Self-love comes first.

So, go ahead and be Happy. Happiness is priceless, get some whenever you can. You deserve it.

How I find my Happy Place: Some sadness is a valid part of life and it is there to validate a negative or unwanted event. But it mustn't last indefinitely. First, I acknowledge and validate my feelings. Then when I'm ready, I play my favorite music and I Find my Happy Place again.

What routines do you have in place to Find Your Happy Place when the need arises?

Please share in the comments section below.

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