#YOLO - You Only Live Once

Updated: Feb 22

If not now, when?

It's good advice to be conservative to a certain degree and do things in moderation.

However, some of us just haven't lived life at all.

Some of us have not travelled, we have not shopped, we have not even explored our local attractions, we have not left our comfort zone.

Not to worry, we've been good citizens, got that doctorate, started that business, secured the husband and the kids, bought the house, sponsored the retired parents.

But do not always stay in your comfort zone. Expand your view point, broaden your horizons.

Have a sensible evening of wild fun with the girls, travel to a safe exotic destination, save up and actually buy that designer hand bag that you've always wanted, start that side business you've always wanted, quit that stressful job that triggers your anxiety, start that non-profit organization that has been tugging on your heart strings.

Be sensible but LIVE! Have some FUN!

As we watch our peers kick the bucket, let us work on completing our bucket list.

What I did because #YOLO: Amongst other things, I started a garden bed in my backyard. I have always wanted a garden. Right now, I'm trying to grow organic vegetables. It hasn't been easy because the weather is either too hot or too cold for my plants; I blame the weather for my lack of a green thumb, LOL. Next year, I may just throw some wild flower seeds and enjoy watching them bloom. Glad I started something new.

What have you done lately or plan to do because #YOLO?

Please share in the comments section below.

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