Me Time.

Updated: Feb 16

Make it a point to schedule some time to for yourself.

With our busy schedules, it is difficult to find the time to stop and actually enjoy life, much less enjoy some me time.

Therefore, just like all your other important agendas, Me Time must be scheduled too.

It doesn't have to be a grand gesture, it could be as simple as taking a walk on a local beach, in your regular clothes, taking a nap, watching your favorite show for few precious minutes, or reading your favorite novel with a candle burning.

Me Time is essential for your survival. You cannot give what you do not have.

So, replenish your supplies ever so often and avoid that dreaded "burn out".

What I do for Me Time: Sometimes I put the kids in bed and catch up on a show or two. Yes, I'm gonna lose sleep. But the joy of doing something I love, uninterrupted, is worth the small sacrifice.

What seemingly trivial pleasure do you have or would you like to add to your Me Time routine?

Please share in the comments section below.

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