Self-Love & Self-Care Everyday!

Updated: Feb 16

You matter just as much as the other guy.

The old saying goes "what is good for the goose is good for the gander". Innately, we all know how to love. However, some of us have learned to prioritize everyone else's need for love over ours. Sometimes, we even prioritize to the extent of hurting ourselves. This need not be the case. We all need love, equally. So, make sure that you are also being loved. Demand this from anyone in your close circle and most of all from yourself. Self-Love and Self-Care are not acts of selfishness, they are essential acts of love. So, start today, and live a better life. Find new ways to practice Self-Love & Self-Care such as spa day, time to update my wardrobe day, no more abuse day, and so on.

How I practice Self-Love & Self-Care: When I'm tired, I order out for dinner. Breaking my back to make a meal does not make be a better mother. Taking a break, reducing my stress, and raising my kids with patience, peace, and love is a much better experience.

What have you done lately or what do you plan to do for Self-Love & Self-Care?

Please share in the comments section below.

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